Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frank Sumption (The Purple Princess) - The creator of the Frank's Box AKA the Ghost/Spirit Box

The Frank's Box (created by Frank Sumption - ITC Pioneer & Innovator)

In great memory of Frank Sumption

11/05/53 - 08/16/14

Frank Sumption, the creator of the "Frank's box", aka, the VERY FIRST GHOST BOX EVER INVENTED, was THE pioneer in the field of ghost boxing in ITC. If it wasn't for him, none of us would be looking at this blog-spot, and I would have never had created it. He was the one to create the idea of applying a triangle wave sweep circuit (among-st numerous other types of circuits to a radio), so that it would scan through the AM and FM bands via voltage at a variable sweep speed so we could communicate with whoever it is we are talking to on our ghost/spirit boxes; be it a linear sweep, random sweep, a hack, or even a mass produced P-SB7. We owe the gratitude of having that technology to him. So that got me thinking that I should do a dedication portion of this blog to "anything Frank Sumption". I'm going to include pictures of the Frank's boxes that I could find or have been provided with, pictures of him, and anything that I can get my hands on that pertains to the creator of what we call the "ghost box".  So here we go....This one's for you "purple princess"! In case any of you are wondering what the "purple princess" reference is about, that's the name that "the others" that we communicate with always called him when he was alive and even still do on the other side...Frank believed that we are communicating with Alien beings, and they often gave him ET-esque type messages to make him think that. They called him their Princess, and how ironic, is that the color purple is a color that is thought to depict ROYALTY..I've personally heard these same beings myself, that would give me the same type messages. Besides calling him their "purple princess", they also referred to him as a "Quicken"...

- Wes King
  Ghosts Inc. 

Approx 5 days before Frank crossed the veil to the other side, he received this message...

It says, "In fact, you must leave this month"...ponder that one. Lots of people thought that Frank was crazy for believing in the messages he was getting. I'm speaking of the nay sayers anyway. Looks like he was right, and the doubters were in fact, WRONG! In this message, his own passing was predicted, & just a few short days before receiving this transmission. 


Frank Sumption in front of the Queen Mary


Frank Sumption at the Stanley Hotel

Vid-Box Image Captures from using a Frank's Vid-Box


Chris Moon using Frank's Vidbox #1

Shadow man capture that was caught by Frank using one of his Vid-boxes with audio that was captured with the image..

Franks Box #72: talking to the dead (real time EVP) with a Ghost Box on 10 January 2011 

 This is the last finished Frank's box to ever be received by anyone, Frank's box #180 (The copper Box)


Radio Shack 12-174 session I did in tribute to Frank 3 days after he left this world and went onto the next.I sold this ghost box to donate the money from it towards his memorial fund, and I figured that it would be fitting to do his tribute session with it, being as I was never lucky enough to get my hands on a Frank's box, and I was going to drop it in the mail to it's new owner later that day.. It's comical, the last conversation that he and I had was on Facebook the day before he passed away. I had posted a video of me vaping, and he started giving me shit about it, as he didn't understand what vaping is/was. Anyway, some things never change! In this session, He comes back from the other side to give me his opinions about my vaping habit, lol. Not to mention, this session is PACKED with references to Frank, Purple, etc..

Radio shack 20-125 w Wes' Echo Box #7 ghost box session as I created this blog on August 29, 2015

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